Branding and Personal I.D

What is Branding?

Branding is the name, term, symbol, design or any other feature that identifies sellers products distinctly from other sellers. Brands are used in advertising, businesses and marketing. Logos can often represent a brand.
Brands typically use various elements such as:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Slogan/catch phrase
  • Graphics
  • Shapes
  • Colours
  • Sounds
  • Scents
  • Tastes
  • Movements

Brand identity is what the owner wants to communicate to its potential consumers. A brand can also be used to attract customers by a company, if the brand of a company is well established. Effective visual brand identity is achieved by the consistent use of particular visual elements to create distinction and a unique brand, such as specific fonts, colors, and graphic elements. At the core of every brand identity is a brand mark, or logo.

Popular Logos

Few random examples:

800px-Coca-Cola_logo.svg fb_icon_325x325 Google_logo Plain-McDonalds-Logo 1361449129_logo corporate-cadbury-logo-


These logos are very popular as they have been around for many years and because they are well known around the world so they have been very successful. Some of these logos have owners names in also such as the Heinz and Cadbury. These logos are mixed brands from food, social media to drinks.


Throughout the world, Heinz is synonymous with ketchup. They sell over 500 millions of bottles of ketchup a year and they also have a catch phrase for every product they have “If if isn’t Heinz, it isn’t ketchup”. They are also commonly known for their “57 varieties”.


Cadbury was founded almost 200 years ago by the Cadbury Brothers, John and George. In 1875, a Swiss manufacturer called Daniel Peter added milk to his recipe to make the first milk chocolate bar. The Cadbury script logo, based on the signature of William Cadbury, appeared first on the transport fleet in 1921. It was quite fussy to start with and has been simplified over the years.


The current official Google logo was designed by Ruth Kedar, and is based on the Catull typeface, an old style serif typeface founded in 1982. Throughout the years from Google been founded to the present day, they have been a few modifications from changing the colour to moving the letters about. They even changed the shadows and shades of the colours and when moving the logo, they moved it by fractions of a pixel.


Facebook is a social network where the world can interact with each other over this media webpage. You can chat and upload pictures and make your own profile. The logo is famous because of how popular this social network page has become, over 100,000,000 have a profile on there, some people use it to communicate with people that they can’t do easily. Having the logo as it is, is intended to promote consistent use of the Facebook brand.

Coca Cola:

Coca Cola is a carbonated soft drink sold in stores, restaurants, and vending machines throughout the world. It is often referred to simply as Coke for short. The Coca-Cola Company has, on occasion, introduced other cola drinks under the Coke brand name. The most common of these is Diet Coke with others including Caffeine free Coca Cola, Diet Coke Caffeine-Free, Coca Cola Cherry, Coca Cola Zero, Coca Cola Vanilla, and special versions with lemon, lime or coffee. In 2011, Coca Cola was the world’s most valuable brand. The Coca-Cola logo was created by John Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson, in 1885. Robinson came up with the name and chose the logo’s distinctive cursive script. The typeface used, is known as Spencerian Script.


McDonald’s was founded in 1940. It was originally called McDonald’s Famous Barbecue. From 1940 – present day, the logo has been modified over 20 times. It wasn’t until 1960 that the Golden Arches were introduced for the new symbol. They changed the slogan a fair few times too, some random examples are:

  • “It’s the good time for the great taste” – 1984 – 1990
  • “Good Time, Great Taste” – 1988 -1990
  • “McDonald’s Today” – 1991 – 1992
  • “Have you had a break today?” – 1995 – 1997
  • “im lovin it” – 2003 – present day.


 Logos i like

1024px-Pizza_Hut_logo.svg 220px-Pringles.svg good-logos-4 samsung corporate-cadbury-logo-

These are a few logos i like, i chose these in particular because of the composition, colours typography and the overall design. The logos i picked are majority food ones but i think they come up with the best designs are they attract the public to world famous foods.
Pizza Hut is a great logo, its bold, bright and easy to read. The typography is readable and its just a general fun logo to have. With the word hut written and an image of a hut i think works well, with the hut over the writing as if its an actual hut covering the typography acts like a house, hence Pizza Hut.

The pringles logo i think is a fun logo with the face and mustache, everyone knows when they see this logo, it represents the world famous pringles. Its like the roundness of the face is in the shape of a pringle and also the dot on top of the I, its wavy and curly like a pringle. Pringles are fun for any age, thats why its colourful and easy to read with the black outline but a yellow colour for the typography. That too also shapes around like a pringle, this logo is very curvy and eye catching.

Toys R us, is more of a typography than a logo but this is known for everyone, especially kids as its a toy shop, even i like to still go in it so again is a fun filled shop and typography. The colours are eye catching and child friendly, they are no as bright as the others and in your face, they have a soft touch to them. The letter in the word are quirky and curly like child letters you would get to put in the fridge. I think overall this logo is a good design and the typography is easy to read and eye catching.

After having Samsung phones for years now, the logo starts to grow on me, at first i thought it was boring, but when i noticed the A didn’t have the line through it, it made it stand out, so maybe thats what makes the Samsung Phone stand out from the rest because of the typography used. The blue is eye catching, however on phones and electricals you don’t see the colour just the typography outline in black or white. Its a strong logo, bold and straight to the point. However if no one knew what Samsung was, the logo certainly wouldn’t tell you and a great logo for me would to have a hint on what the logo/typography is telling you to represent what it is.

Again, Cadbury has come up again. I think its the distinctively purple colour used for the logo that grabs my attention. How smooth the typography is could represent how smooth the chocolate is too. The C has swirls in it and this is the milk blending in with the chocolate from the advert. The letters are all joining up which is called a script. What also stands out for me is how differently the D and B is connected, in some ways it looks like a music note. I also like how curly the letters are which works well with how its all joined up.


Rubbish Logos








These logos are a good idea in some way however they are more con’s then pro’s.
The London 2012 logo is very abstract yet creative. the shapes reveal the year 2012 but maybe for some people that might be hard to read as its so bulky and sharp. On the last 2, it has a dot next to it and apparently its apart of the 2 but i feel it doesn’t connect and its very eye catching in a bad way, my attention is always on it and it doesn’t fit in. Within the logo 2012, they are other little logos in it, such as the olympics logo and the word london. For me i feel there’s alot going on and with just having the colours pink and yellow, i don’t think it really represents the olympics to be honest and having it this bright and close together causes people to have epileptic fits so for that reason its not a good logo to have as some people are not able to see and understand it. I would change it to more a simpler design thats more easier to read.

The amazon logo is bold and big. However thats not necessarily a good thing as his logo proves you why. If people didn’t know what Amazon was or is, there is an arrow from a to z representing this website sells anything and everything from a to z but i dont think its really clear because people get it confused with a smiley face. I didn’t realise it until a few years back because i thought the logo was a friendly smiley face. Underneath the arrow on the Z, the bottom curves whereas the rest of the logo is straight which makes the Z look completely different from a happy smiley face which i think would make the public confused. The black lettering is bold and easy to read which is the only pro to this logo, but to make it easier to read they need to rethink the layout and how it would attract the public viewing more.


Am-I-Collective-Typography-14 typography_1 typography_in_web.03 typography-photo


Typography is an art and a form of technique of arranging type to make written language most appealing to learning and recognition. The arrangement of type involves selecting typefaces, point size, line length, line-spacing, letter-spacing, and adjusting the space within letters. Typography has been dated back since the 16th Century using printing press, but since then it has being developed and now when we make typography it’s mostly used on the computer on special software, but when creating it, its best to sketch it out first.

In the modern times, the practice and study of typography is very broad, covering all aspects of letter design, both mechanical (typesetting and type design) and manual (handwriting and calligraphy). Typography can appear in a wide variety of situations, including:

  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • Clothing
  • Maps and labels
  • As a component of industrial design-type on household appliances, such as pens and wristwatches, and electronics.
  • Since digitization, typography has spread to a wider range of applications, appearing on web pages, LCD mobile phone screens, and hand-held video games and much more.

Display typography is an effect element in graphic design, where there is less concern for readability and more potential for using type in an artistic manner. Type is combined with negative space, graphic elements and pictures, forming relationships and understanding between words and images.

Color and size of type elements are much more frequent than in text typography. Most display typography makes use of type at larger sizes, where the details of letter design are magnified. Color is used for its emotional effect in conveying the tone, mood and nature of subject matter.

Display typography include:

  • Book covers
  • Typographic logos and wordmarks
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Graffiti
  • Inscriptional and architectural lettering
  • Poster design and other large scale lettering signage such as signage
  • Business communications and advertising
  • Television, vending machine displays, online, and computer screen displays.
  • Graphic Designers.Typography has long been a vital part of promotional material and advertising for decades. Designers often use typography to set a theme and mood in an advertisement; for example using bold, large text to put out a particular message to the reader. Type is often used to draw attention to a particular advertisement and or advertising agencies, combined with efficient use of color, shapes and images. Today, typography in advertising often reflects a company’s brand. Fonts used in advertisements convey different messages to the reader, classical fonts are for a strong personality, while more modern fonts are for a cleaner, neutral look. Bold fonts are used for making statements and attracting attention which are eye catching and more memorable.


  • 19th century wanted poster for John Wilkes Booth
    printed with lead and woodcut type,
    and incorporating photography.


Colours and their meanings

When making your own logo and brand, you need to make sure what colours mean and what could be the downside to using them.  When creating a logo you wouldn’t think colour would have meanings, but for example when you think of red, you think of love and passion, whereas black, you would think bold, professional etc.
I wanted to add this to my work because i find it really interesting what each colour represents. For some corporations they have copyright rules, and if the logo or brand is the same, you need to change the shade of the colour or change where the colour goes as companies in the end own a certain colour as it may represent their logo and company.

For my logos that i have designed and created, i didn’t really think about colour because i thought it was important, however my ideas are mostly grey and black because i don’t want no fuss over my logo and i don’t want to over complicate it by adding strong colours.
Black and Grey represent sophisticated which is what i do want to come across like and professional and having the logo in these colours i think it looks more efficient and readable.

screenshot screenshot2

These are my ideas, at the beginning, i had one idea but it progressed into several.
It started off as something bold then it turned into something fancy. I came up with an idea of something fancy because having the text stylish and a signature look, i feel it adds a personal touch if it looks like the owners signature involved. Having the text fading from one end to the other i think adds effect and makes my ideas look more original. I am pleased i didn’t stick to one idea because i thought it was good to experiment with various ideas, text and styles. Even though i knew i wanted a black font, i still tried to see what it would look like in a different color but to me i don’t think it looks as professional as it could be. I experimented with different shapes as well, but it didn’t want it to look too common with camera shapes and lenses like many photography logos have, i wanted something unique and bold so to achieve this, i copied each idea and tried to make it better by one step at a time until i came to an end result of what i wanted.

My Final Logo

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 09.20.14

Out of all the other ideas for my logo, i finally came to this decision. I chose this idea because of the structure and the typography. The circle is to present a lens of a camera. I wanted my initials within it, because my idea before was to add a personal touch so i joined it in with the lens circle to shorten down my name to LS. On the other side, is my name and then photography underneath. Many photography logos include the word photography so it shows the public what the company is or what they do. My name is in lower case because it to look light and sleek whereas the photography is bold because i wanted that to stand out more so people know what my logo is all about. I added the line for structure and i thought it brought all the typography together. At first all my logos and typography were bunched together then i got peoples opinions and they thought it looks too crowded and busy, so separating the letters and words made the logo look a lot better as a whole. My logo is dark grey and black. I chose to have it like this because i thought having it black all over would make it look too bold, and having the shade of grey in would make things look neutral and not as strong.
The typography i used for the word photography was Myriad Pro and for laura senior it was Apple Chancery and for the initials of LS in the circle, that was the same as the photography type. Having looked at other logos such as Amazon, and Google, their identity is bold and simple and i wanted to go down the same path, because even though its simple, its also eye catching and interesting. I used this typography’s because i wanted my logo to be easy to read and having looking at other logos, people had a hard time to read them and people with dyslexia had problems so i thought going with the simple look will look better towards the public. Also, with bright colours clashing may have concerns with people who have epilepsy so again i just went down the dark colours route to make it easy all around.
When i first used Illustrator, i thought it was really complicated and i still cant get to grips with it because its so time consuming and hard to understand. I got really stressed out with working with my logos as they kept going wrong and trying t use the tools for them were hard to work out, but so far i think i know the basics. Overall having my logo like this makes my image straight to the point and easy to understand.

Business Cards

business-cards-lots print-carteafleurdepeau21

Lauren-Bailey-Red-Aqua-Business-Card print-carteafleurdepeau21

Letter Heads


Letterheads shebelieves LH

To start a buisness you need to get yourself known, so to do this, companys and Freelance workers will want to make buiness cards to hand out, or show on bill boards around cities and shops to show what thery’re about. They may or may not use letter heads too to send out letters with their logo and branding name on them. On things like these, you need contact information and the title of your company, such as, your name, telephone number, website and your title of the company or brand.
For me, i want mine to link in with photography, so i will use my logo i made above and include it on my letterhead and business cards. However i will have to think about the size, colours and fonts so my business card and letterhead stands out from the basic and simple ones you see nowadays.

My ideas

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 10.35.34

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 10.38.04 Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.39.58 Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.40.13

Here are my ideas for my business card. Before my logo was plain with grey and black writing, whereas now, i’ve added colour. Since adding colour it doesn’t look as professional but i’ve over come this because i thought having it quirky and characterized it wouldn’t get noticed by the photography world since it wouldn’t look professional, but i like the effect the colour brings, it shows me, who i am as a person. I am still deciding which colour to chose and the pattern on the back. I dont want a colour that everyone uses, i want a colour thats original, a colour that you dont often see photographers using. My first idea was the shade of yellow above, i think it goes well with the greys and blacks but yellow is one of my favourite colours. The second idea was purple but i feel it doesn’t look professional enough whereas the yellow looks more corporate.

When thinking of colours to chose for my logo ideas, I want something to stand out and be unique as I don’t want something that’s already being used so many times out in the corporate world. My first idea was for the logo to be plain grey, black and white as I wanted it to be professional but however it did look boring and look too official. I want something in between, like colourful yet sophisticated. The way I’m going to achieve this is to pick a colour, have standard, professional text but also have a script like text so it looks fancy to show my personality, so having a signature looking text with show my quirky side but my professional quality side.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 09.39.51

This is another idea for my logo and how it would look on my buisness card. This time the text Photography is bold in black and the circular part is purple and blue shades as its different from my other block ideas. However i do think it doesnt look professional enough because of the colours shown and how its presented. I tried out the yellow colour before but looking at the chart of colours, yellow doesnt project very well on screens and its hard to read so i didnt think this would be appropiate incase the public were dyslexic or had epilepsy. Then my other ideas were involving purple shades but on the chart, in the buisness world, purple was too exotic. The colours i like, are turquiose, periwinkle, mint and peach colours, i dont want a block colour, id prefer to have a shade of a colour thats distinctive.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 09.56.29

This is what the logo would look like in mint. Although i do like the colour mint, when its displayed in the logo, i dont think it looks very femmine. I want a colour that represents me as a person.

Final Buisness Cards

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 09.05.09

I cam up with an idea of having various types of buisness cards because since im stuggling of thinking about which photo i would have on the back i would have various photos so having more than one type of buisness card. If i just had one photo for each card i feel the public will only think these are the photos i do and i dont want that to happen. My other idea was to have a collage on the back but i would be copying some of my friends ideas and i want my own unquie idea so i think i will go with various types of cards.
So here is my first one. This card will represent my night time photography techqniues and this shows what i can do during the night or late nights.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 09.16.30

This is the card to how my skills and techniques in the studio doing still life and Vanitas.
I changed the colours on the text to match the shades on the photo because i want my front of my card to match the back in some way. This one looks more professional than the first because of the neutral colours used, but the photo balances it out because of how creative and interesting the photo is at the back.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 09.26.16

This is my third buisness card. This also represents my work in the stuid of doing portraits and fashion. Again this is a dark photo along with the rest but sometimes dark photos stand out more because of the tones you can see. I have changed the colours of the text again to a darker colour, more along the lines of black to match the portrait on the back of the card.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 09.40.55

Finally this is my fourth buisness card. This one shows my landscape and photoshop skills. I changed the colour to a sepia style to make the landscape look more vintage and old fashioned and i feel having it like this gives me a range of photos to show off for the back of my cards.

Letter Head

For my letter head, i will stick to my original colour or the colour i mostly use which is grey. The font will be grey but darker than normal to its readable on the white background letter head. I will no be having a photo or any design on the back because when reading the letter you may see the pattern on the back coming through to the front whilst reading and this will be distracting. So i will go for the more easier simple root of having the paper white with the dark grey font and logo.


Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 09.48.59

This is my first idea for my letter head. It looks very simple and i like it this way because i dont want it to look too busy and distracting with various patterns and scripts all about on the page. I have my logo in the top left and my details in th bottom right and i like the balance i have on the page.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 09.52.11

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 09.52.55

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 09.53.30

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 09.54.53

Here are my other ideas. I did a range of ideas to show my creative ideas. However i will chose my first idea because of how my details are at the bottom of the page so it balances the page out so nothing is over crowded at the top of the page.
I still have chose to keep the neutral grey colours because this was my original idea and its the colour mostly used on my buisness cards. For these letter heads, i didnt want my logo to be too bog or take up too much oom on the letter as i need enough room for me to send letters out too my clients so the text doesnt look too piled up and un able to be readable.


Compliments Cards

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.23.55

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.34.22

For my compliments slips i will do the same theme with my buisness cards by having the colour matching the photo on the back so it makes both sides stand out. So this is the first slip with the night time photo on the back. So for this one, the pinks coming off the buildings is the colour for the background on the front.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.30.39

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.27.51

Again same with this colour theme.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.32.28 Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.29.28

With this light grey matches the main colours coming from the photo on the back.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.30.06

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.31.18

Finally this is the last slip. Darker sahde of grey coming from the black on the photo behind. I didnt want black for the background because i think this can be too dominent.
For the ideas, majority of my photos were dark so i chose certain colours from the photo to brighten up my buisness cards and slips because otherwise me as a person and my slips, cards and letters will look too plain.
I didnt make my logo and details on my slips too big or small as i want it to be readable but also enough room to write things down on the slips.


Throughout this project learning about brands, logos and buisness cards, slips and letter heads was a challenge. We used the software Illustrator and even now I still cant get to grips with it, I find it really difficult to use and very touchy feely.
Using Illustrator has taught me different techniques that I can use in the future on how to create things andgrow a buisness etc. These techniques cant be done on Photo Shop so having both is a really big help and has helped me alot even though I still cant get to grips on how to work it propley so having felt this way I feel I have done a good job on trying to work it out and produce work from it. My letter heads were hard to create using this software because of the grids and lines, I kept getting confused, so they are done on word as a template untill I can figure out how to create a letter head propley on here as I want to produce this idea further. However I do feel it has worked well on Word because the layout would look exactly the same on Illustrator using the grids and lines.
I believe I have come far since the beginning of this project to now. I have created my own logo, letter head, compliements slip and buisness card which I think is an achievement.

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